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Brass Lighting is Back: How to Use Brass in Your Home

When people say that brass is back as a design trend, the truth is that it never really left in the first place. Well-crafted brass never did, anyway. The inexpensive plated brass that was all the rage in the 1980s did go out of style because it looked too shiny and yellow. Solid brass, which looks and feels richer, never went out of style.

Savoy House Hagen 9 Light Chandelier

Lately, brass is being used in new ways to create a more comfortable and casual look. It’s warm and inviting, but sometimes incorporates elements of past design trends because, after all, what’s old is new again. Some brass fixtures are influenced by retro styles. Others look like family heirlooms. Still others are as modern as they come, but using brass helps push a fixture from trendy to timeless. 

Brass styles and details

Different styles of brass can bring a relaxed, lived-in look to your room while still looking high-end and fantastic. For example, unlacquered brass will develop a unique patina that makes your fixtures your own. Lacquered brass is classically shiny while brushed or burnished brass has a more subdued glow.

There are also brass finishes that are a darker caramel color, like the heirloom brass Savoy House Hagen 9 Light Chandelier (shown right). The House of Troy Vergennes table lamp is antique brass. These darker shades may be a great fit for your space or a good way to ease into brass. 

Sometimes, a fixture made of brass doesn’t even look like traditional brass. That’s because it’s finished in another tone, like the satin nickel finish of this Hudson Valley Porcelain Bath Bracket, but is still brass underneath the finish. So if you want the longevity and quality of brass but would like a look to better match your décor, that’s a possibility too.

Brass is easy to shape into gorgeous intricate details because it can be cast, which is a centuries-old process involving molding and polishing molten metals, like in this elegant Hudson Valley Monticello Wall Sconce.

Lighting trends also follow trends in bathroom faucets and handles since it’s easy to make those details of a room match. That means adding touches of brass to your bathroom or kitchen will work well. Doorknobs and drawer pulls are often made of brass too and, especially in older houses, that brass may be antique. But if you’d like to add new brass knobs, pulls or other small details to your home, a brass lighting fixture matches those little touches perfectly.

Tips for using brass in your home

House of Troy Vergennes Table LampThere are many different ways to try brass out in small doses around your home. If you love the way it looks, you might want to invest in larger pieces like a chandelier or foyer lighting. (Shown right: Vergennes Table Lamp)

Try adding some brass sconces to your house. These fixtures are small and versatile, able to fit in any room and any style of décor, but still intriguing and noticeable. Pendant lights are also a great way to bring in small doses of brass. Like sconces, they can fit in anywhere and light anything, plus they come in a variety of styles and sizes. Brass table lamps will look great perched on your table and make a statement about your style. But if you’re looking for a show-stopping big brass fixture, chandeliers are the way to go. They also come in many different sizes and styles.

Brass light fixtures are like jewelry for the home, so if you’re ready to dress up your space, contact our lighting specialists at 1-866-688-3562. 

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